Wine Cellar

…The right company for the most classic Florentine dishes!

White and Red Wines

Amongthe red wines, there are many Tuscan labels, including Chianti, Montalcino, Maremma e Montepulciano; but there are also prestigious French wines, as Borgogna e da Bordeaux: ideal accompaniment for grilled red meats.

Among the white Wines, the classic wines of Trentino stand out as well as the excellent Tuscany Chardonnay.

Prosecchi, Sweet and Distilled Wines

Italian Champenoise, Dessert Wines and Spirits are on our wine list: Italian Prosecco counterbalance a careful selection of Champagne.

To accompany the home-made Desserts…

... we offer Dessert Wines such as Vin santo, Passito and Sauternes

To Conclude…

You cannot miss a Grappa, a Whiskey or a Rum, all of excellent quality.